The following is a list of exhibit opportunities for Colorado Photographers. Please visit the linked site to read submission requirements, entry fee, and copyright information. We encourage you to research these opportunities to decide if they are appropriate places to share your work.

Please contact us with any additional opportunities that you may know about!


Exhibit Opportunity:  BAA Artist Wall at Cafe Aion

Description: Boulder Art Association is proud to partner with a diverse and exciting range of local business, such as Cafe Aion, where we are delighted to showcase BAA member art. The BAA Artist Wall has options for “residency” as well as potential pop-ups throughout Boulder County accross ALL seasons. Must be a current BAA member for the year of entry and selection. Works submitted for this call do not have to be the same artwork you plan to display, but must represent the body of work to be displayed. BAA will review entries and select artists for a 6- to 8-week block of time throughout the year. Multiple artists may be selected for the same show. Art will be hung by the artist (with BAA support) on Monday afternoons when the restaurant is closed. Please be prepared with sales info, title cards, etc.

Deadline: Ongoing

Exhibit Opportunity:  2024 40 West Ambassadorship Program

Description: Love 40 West Arts? Want to be more involved with the arts scene? Become a 40 West Arts Ambassador! The 40 West Arts Ambassadorship is a new program where, in exchange for only three to four hours of volunteer time per month, you receive a free artist membership, submission fees waived, mentorship opportunities and more. Timeline: January – December 2024 (an annual commitment)

Deadline: November 15, 2023

Exhibit Opportunity:  HOME – Photographic Journey into Identity, Place, and Belonging

Description: The Lafayette Arts & Cultural Resources Department is hosting an open call exhibit featuring photography capturing Identity, Place, and Belonging of Home. The exhibit will hang at The Collective Community Arts Center from January 17 – March 17, 2024. This group exhibition will feature artwork made by front range artists, and selected by a jury. Artists will submit 3 works, as a grouping, for consideration. A jury will make final selections of the grouping. Jury will select artists’ works as grouping of three photographs. Entry photography prints must be 18” at the top of the photograph. The content of each artwork is open but follows the theme of one photograph to represent Identity (who), one photo to represent Place (where), and one photo to represent Belonging (what).

Deadline: November 15, 2023

Exhibit Opportunity:  Foothills Art Center Members’ Show 2024

Description: Foothills Art Center (FAC) is pleased to announce the call for our annual exhibition featuring our artist members’ diverse artistic talents and techniques. The FAC exhibition staff will jury artwork to select an exhibition with engaging and creative content and the highest level of craftsmanship. The show will be in the Large Gallery upstairs of the new Astor House location. This show is a fantastic opportunity to show your work of yours if you never have before. Open to current members of FAC. If you are not a current member of FAC you may become one through the website PRIOR TO ENTRY. $15 entry fee. Up to 3 works may be entered, with a maximum of 1 selected. Two-dimensional work must be suitably framed and have all hardware ready for hanging – all other work must be installation ready with instructions if necessary.

Deadline: November 19, 2023

Exhibit Opportunity:  Day Glo

Description: An accident in 1933 leads to a dark room recovery, which in turn leads to the inspiration of fluorescent pigments for the Switzer Brothers. Working together Bob & Joe experimented with chemicals until they successfully obtained pigments that appeared fluorescent in daylight and glow under uv/blacklights. With the creation of these new pigments they quickly became the staple of safety measures in work environments such as airports, construction sites, underwater & military operations. These pigments launched not only safety measures far beyond what we had known but aided magicians in fooling the eye and sky rocketed psychedelic / black light art in a way that shook the 60’s and 70’s. Eventually becoming the world’s largest producer of daytime fluorescents, or as we know them Day Glo. Nearly ninety years later we are asking artists to conduct their own experiments with these colors and illuminate our dark winter months. What makes your day glow? What makes your soul glow? What brings light to your darkness? How can you catch the eye of a passerby with neon. We will be accepting entries from all mediums and styles as long as they utilize fluorescent colors in an intentional way.

Deadline: November 21, 2023

Exhibit Opportunity:  1st Amendment Show

Description: The 1st Amendment Show, at the Manitou Art Center, is the only non-juried show in the region. Your work will be exhibited in the Intemann Gallery for two months; it will also be for sale online at Manitou Made by the week after the opening. Artists of any age, using any medium may submit up to 2 pieces of art. There is no entry fee, and no barrier to participation. All 2d work must be ready to hang.

Deadline: November 28, 2023

Exhibit Opportunity:  Aurora Courthouse Jury Room: Small Works

Description: This is an opportunity for artists within the jury room of the Aurora Municipal Courthouse. The artwork should focus on “Justice and Our Community.” The artwork should reflect the physical context while also reflecting the work that takes place within the building. It should represent the diverse community of Aurora. The artworks should also create a welcoming presence and help to define the jury room as a safe and respectful space. There are 8 panels, four on one side of the room, and four on the opposite side of the room. Each panel is 57.5” x 46.” Each panel could house one single piece or two smaller works. The works should all be framed alike, so that it is clear that these works are intended to be seen as a group and are specifically created for this site. There is a budget for this project.

Deadline: November 30, 2023

Exhibit Opportunity:  DreamLand

Description: Imagination is a powerful and creative force where anything is possible. Even while sleeping our imaginations flourish, dreams melding fantasy and reality. What is within and beyond your wildest imagination? 40 West Gallery invites artists of all levels of experience to submit their work into “DreamLand”, an exhibition that highlights the expression of fantasy, dreams, dream imagery, made up places, a sense of wonder. We are looking for the reverie in all things surreal, fantastical, outlandish, awe-inspiring. Create a DreamLand with us. All mediums considered. Application fees for this show are $5 per item for 40 West members and $10 per item for non-members. FREE for youth (under age 21) artists and students. Accepted works must be dropped off, ready to hang or display, Wednesday January 3rd, 2023 between 1:00pm-3:00pm. Show Dates: January 5th – 28th, 2024.

Deadline: December 2, 2023

Exhibit Opportunity:  2024 Exhibit at the Bus Stop Gallery

Description: The NoBo Art District seeks exhibition proposals for the Gallery at the Bus Stop Apartments that will engage and inspire our community. NoBo member artists and arts organizations are invited to submit proposals for individual and group shows, including visual, installation and performance art mediums. Selections will be based on the potential impact to the community, as well the inclusion of artists that have been under-represented in mainstream gallery and museum programs.

Deadline: December 30, 2023

Exhibit Opportunity:  2023-2024 General Call for Portfolios and Exhibit Proposals

Description: Artists and curators are invited to submit portfolios and exhibition proposals for The Lincoln Center Art Gallery in Fort Collins. The Lincoln Center seeks visually compelling exhibitions in all media that provide a unique and robust visual arts experience for the Northern Colorado community. The gallery staff develops the exhibition schedule from several sources including these direct submissions of portfolios and exhibition proposals for group and solo exhibitions from artists and curators. There is an application fee of $35 to offset shipping and installation expenses for artists and curators selected for exhibition. Residents of the Fort Collins Growth Management Area may apply for free with the code: FC23.

Deadline: December 31, 2023

Exhibit Opportunity:  City of Loveland TAAP 2D 2024

Description: The Art Advocacy Project 2D (commonly known as TAAP 2D) is a one-year on-loan program designed to promote regional artists through the public display of their artworks and provides a means for artwork sales. This project is open to all Colorado artists of two-dimensional media. Selected artworks may be for sale; however, this is not required. Applications will be reviewed by a jury panel consisting of Art in Public Places (AIPP) representatives and public volunteers. Selected artworks will be displayed at the Loveland Public Library from late February 2024 until mid to late February 2025. Please do not submit artwork that cannot be available for the entire year. This project is open to all Colorado artists of two-dimensional media and will be compensated with an honorarium of $350.00.

Deadline: December 31, 2023


Exhibit Opportunity:  Reflections of Culture

Description: The Chicano Humanities and Arts Council (CHAC) and the Women’s Caucus for Art Colorado Chapter (WCACO) are collaborating on a joint art exhibition on the reflection of our culture from the feminine perspective. This call is open to ALL women-identifying artists including CHAC members, WCACO members, and non-members. Our cultures and backgrounds are as unique to each individual as grains of sand, each informed by our ancestors, communities, and geography. As women and artists we take in our backgrounds and surroundings, contemplate what it means to us, and produce works of art that are reflections of our life experiences. Artists are invited to make a piece of art that reflects their unique culture and write a brief (150 words or less) statement that describes how the art addresses the show theme. $30 entry fee for CHAC and WCACO members; $40 entry fee for non-members. While pricing, please take into consideration that there will be a 30% commission on sales.

Deadline: January 15, 2024